Shigeki watanabe - super trick -o- super trick -o-

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Unlike its previous installments, Climax Fighters is a role-playing fighting game, battling inside the 3D battle arenas, and the gameplay style shares similarities to the Kamen Rider: Battride War series, Gundam Vs. series, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 .

Four thousand years ago, in China, a form of Kenpo martial arts was developed by ten humans and would become known as the Beast-Fist style. Beast-Fist is a martial art in which one mimics the abilities of animals as well as means of reaching spiritual peace. However, dissent grew among its creators. Three believed that they should use the suffering and hatred harnessed within humans to increase their power, uses their power to assume their monstrous forms, the Three Fist Demons. The other seven believed that the strength should come from within and were forced to fight their former friends, ending the fight with a forbidden technique to seal the Fist Demons' powers at the cost of losing their own human forms in the process, becoming the Fist Sages. Followers of the Fist Sages created the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts school: the Beast-Fist of justice whose sport discipline enhances the human body with the self-produced positive Qi called Fierce Ki. It is taught by Grand Master Sha-Fu, one of the seven Fist Sages, using a sporting goods company named " SCRTC " as a front. The followers of the Three Fist Demons practice the evil form of the Beast-Fist style known as Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata.

Shigeki Watanabe - Super Trick -O- Super Trick -O-Shigeki Watanabe - Super Trick -O- Super Trick -O-Shigeki Watanabe - Super Trick -O- Super Trick -O-Shigeki Watanabe - Super Trick -O- Super Trick -O-